Our Theme – Live Fearlessly

Live Fearlessly!  That is both my challenge and my mission.

Every day God gives me a new canvas to express His Spirit in me.  Some days it is vibrant with lively hues where I don’t mind the hot pinks and bright chartreuse colors intermingling and some days only black and white will do.  I strive daily to let God know one key thing – that whatever is in the crayon box He sets before me, I am a willing participant.  I protest some days when the coloring is outside the lines…and we negotiate way more than we should, but God reminds me every day that He is the Master designer of my life and can use me – even if some of the crayons are broken.

As a leader, professional and now a new author trying to take this message to the streets, there are days where I’m both willing and resistant.  That is when God’s most important reminder shines brightly in my life – He is The Redeemer and I am the Redeemed.  He meets me where I am no matter where I am on life’s spectrum.  That is what Living the Redeemed Life is all about. It is realizing, I am not alone.  Neither are you!  #LivingTheRedeemedLife.